Features of Hola Launcher for Android

Hola Launcher light; only the claws from the left corner or the lower right corner for quick access to applications that you frequently use and install as usual WiFi, Bluetooth, torch, …


Search Hola Launcher: swipe down the screen to quickly find contacts app or website.
Hola Launcher box: 2 times to hide or swipe to access apps you do not want to display on the screen.
Accelerate Hola Launcher: freeing up memory and speed for mobile phones with a single touch
Hola Launcher wallpaper download, install and enjoy the wallpaper and free wallpapers high quality, regularly updated every 6 minutes.
Hola Launcher notice: do not miss important messages from friends and family for advice on the icons on the main screen as calls, messages, …
Hola Launcher screen lock just tap twice on the screen to unlock the phone screen without using the power button
Weather forecast to the information convenient weather forecast for 6 days.
Priority application: install Facebook, Twitter and other applications you use the most on the default home screen to launch faster.
Smart folders: keep you sort the applications
Preferred applications: discover a high quality application that tirelessly everyday to find applications in
Hola Launcher is an application that helps you save a lot of time on android devices.

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